Why Companies Should Onshore in Benton County, MN

Why Companies Should Onshore in Benton County, MN Main Photo

30 Sep 2020

For companies looking to stabilize their supply chains by onshoring, Benton County, MN has the desired assets and amenities that appeal to site selectors looking to relocate or expand.

Why Did Onshoring Become a Key Strategy?

Onshoring to strengthen supply chains has become critical for many businesses as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to highlight the vulnerability of relying on global resources and products. Over the past 40 years, many companies focused on cost reduction, choosing to steadily relocate manufacturing overseas as global markets opened up in places such as China, South Korea, Vietnam and Thailand. However, because of world events, businesses are now focusing on reducing the risk of operational disruptions. Even before the pandemic, businesses felt the impact of supply chain interruptions due to natural disasters such as the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami and the Thailand floods. All of this contributes to the desire to move manufacturing back to the U.S.

Onshoring is the logical solution to reducing the risk of future disruptions and delays, at least in part. Though companies may not be looking to move their entire operations back to the United States, opening U.S. manufacturing facilities as part of their global operations certainly is. In that scenario, Benton County is uniquely positioned to support that growth and to be a home to expanding companies, or those onshoring for the first time. 

Why Companies Should Onshore in Benton County 

Available Commercial Sites

A number of sites are available from a 277 acre Airport Business Park to shovel-ready 1.5 acre lots along the Highway 15 corridor. Highlighted properties can be found here and Benton Economic Partnership (BEP) can connect businesses with a full array of properties to lease or rent. 


Benton County gives you room to stretch with a mix of downtown density adjacent to rural spaces. Located just 65 miles from Minneapolis/St. Paul and 150 miles from Duluth, it is easy to get to everywhere from Benton County with MN State Highway 23, MN State Highway 25, and U.S. Highway 10 running through it.

Transportation Assets

Manufacturing can conduct business easily in Benton County. Besides the network of highways, it is served by rail and airlines: the Burlington Northern Line and the St. Cloud Regional Airport.


Benton County is in a region that is home to a growing educated and skilled workforce. In fact, the region is expected to enjoy continued population growth in the next 20 years. Leading sectors in the region include health care and social assistance, manufacturing, agriculture, education, and construction. 


BEP is positioned to match companies with the resources they need. Look here to explore all of the business assistance resources available such as ECE REvolving Loan Fund, Minnesota Investment Fund, and training grant programs.

Benton Economic Partnership Can Help

BEP eases the process of finding a site, obtaining permits, constructing a facility, hiring and training a workforce. We understand and we are here to help. If onshoring is part of your business protection strategy, we can provide assistance throughout the entire process. Contact us to learn more at 320-968-6197 or email us here.


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