Benton Economic Partnership Intern Spotlight: Michelo Muleya

Benton Economic Partnership Intern Spotlight: Michelo Muleya Main Photo

22 Jun 2021


Benton Economic Partnership, Inc. (BEP) is pleased to announce the onboarding of Michelo Muleya as an intern for the remainder of 2021. Michelo is double majoring in Planning and Community Development and Real Estate at St. Cloud State University and expects to graduate in Spring 2022. Michelo is a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success and a recipient of the Global Leadership Award.

The capacity to support an internship position is a testament to the professionalism of BEP. Internships allow students to gain practical experience, test out their knowledge, and network. Employers benefit from an expanded workforce and fresh perspectives.

“Benton Economic Partnership, Inc. is committed to offering students a meaningful and professional experience in the field of economic development through our internship program,” said Amanda Othoudt, BEP Executive Director. “After the completion of our internship program, aspiring economic developers are able to find work under a wide range of job titles, including community development/economic development specialist, project director, and project coordinator. While these jobs require various degrees of education and experience, all involve working toward the advancement of healthy local economies.”

Michelo was born and raised in Lusaka Zambia where she completed high school before coming to Minnesota for college.

“I chose St. Cloud State University because of the affordability of the good education, the cultural diversity, and the vast alumni network,” said Michelo. “I have family in Champlin, MN and so when the opportunity of going to St. Cloud State came about, my family and I were comfortable with the idea of me being far away from home. It was always discussed about me travelling abroad for my college or university, so as a place to start, that was basically a direction.”

“What I've enjoyed about Minnesota is the people, but I have definitely struggled with the weather,” said Michelo. 

Michelo chose her majors because she “loves the aspect of working alongside people in vulnerable communities and empowering them to improve their own lives and help themselves.” 

After completing high school, Michelo gained experience working for an architectural firm in Zambia. Her interest in the field of Planning and Community Development grew from this experience, as did her commitment to working with diverse people to create social change to improve the world we live in. She plans to pursue a career related to economic development.

With the opportunity of interning for BEP, Michelo hopes to be better prepared for a real-world career by learning from professionals while applying lessons learned in the classroom. She looks forward to gaining valuable experience and confidence. 

“It is my first internship but I do hope to build better networks, learn from people with expertise in the field, and become more knowledgeable about the work environment,” said Michelo.  

When asked what sets her apart, Michelo responded, “My sense of detail that makes me want to have things done in a particular way, my skills as a team player that enable me to work and engage with people of different ages, cultures, and backgrounds, my trainability, and lastly, my kindness and empathy towards others.” 

In addition to her role at BEP, Michelo provides administrative support to the Advising and

Student Transitions office at St. Cloud State. Prior to joining BEP, Michelo worked for St. Cloud State’s  Residential Life Department, where she served as a Community Advisor for two years.

Michelo enjoys travelling, listening to music, spending time with friends and family, and meeting new people and making great connections.

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