Economic Development is a Shared Responsibility

Members of the Benton Economic Partnership understand that economic development is a shared responsibility of both public and private sectors, because only together will we be strong and effective, providing a more sophisticated and professional level of economic development than can be offered individually.This is why we encourage all members of the Benton County business community to participate in our plans for increased prosperity. This organization is focused on the unique challenges of the business community in Benton County. It will not duplicate services or initiatives currently underway with any other organization or governmental entity, although it may enhance some of these efforts. When you participate in the Benton Economic Partnership, you have the chance to voice your concerns and make your recommendations with an organization whose slate is clean and whose agenda is open.

Benton County Business Owner

Your business is a tremendous asset to Benton County.

New Economic Development Organization

Serving the entire county.

Why do we need a single organization?

We need to market our assets.

So, why be a part of this effort?

A more prosperous Benton County means more business for you.

How much?

Annual contribution.