How Minnesota Uses Its Resources to Drive and Thrive Entrepreneurship

9 Mar 2018

A network of resources, wealth of talent, access to capital fuel entrepreneurial growth

Minnesota offers a full menu of resources that drive entrepreneurship — from access to a wide network of investors and venture capitalists as well as public and private research & development accelerators to university-based entrepreneurial programs and business incubators.

Add to that the state’s deep pool of talent and Minnesota has easily a top choice for entrepreneurs.

“Minnesota is a culture where people try things that are innovative,” says Shawn Patterson, CEO of Good Libations, a startup that develops natural organic food additives to enhance the taste of various consumable libations. “As a result, people in Minnesota are attuned to the challenges of people who are willing to try things, and they are willing to listen, provide thoughts, help make connections, and generally provide support.”

Like many startups in Minnesota, Good Libations licensed its technology from the University of Minnesota. The University drives entrepreneurial growth in a number of ways, from technology commercialization efforts and specialized accelerators to its center for entrepreneurship within the Carlson School of Management.

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