St. Cloud Airport Business Park: Why Building Here is a Smart Financial Decision

5 Oct 2018

Business owners! There’s a fantastic investment opportunity just waiting for your signature. Consider joining the growing industrial community at the St. Cloud Airport Business Park. You’ll save money in upfront costs because utilities are already in place and included in the price of the land. The site is also Shovel Ready Certified, meaning you won’t need to worry about things like zoning, title work and soil analysis; this work is already done. Parcels of land 5 to 80 acres in size are available at less than $2 per square foot. Additional financial incentives include grants to train new employees and tax abatements.

Another bonus is the easy access to transportation routes. The park is just minutes away from two highways and the St. Cloud Regional Airport. Click here for more information on the Airport Business Park and how you can acquire your piece of land before your competition does.