How To Poise Your Business For Success (And Survival) In The Covid Economy

23 Nov 2020


Business life in the era of Covid has elements of both crisis management and an endurance trial. How can your business join the ranks of those that are succeeding in this environment? LJ Suzuki, founder and fractional CFO at CFOshare and I recently dissected this question together, with an eye toward the actionable steps you should be taking now–and the potholes you need to avoid.

Micah Solomon, Senior Contributor, Forbes; Customer Service Turnaround Expert and Consultant: It’s been several quarters since Covid began to make inroads into the economy; how are small businesses faring?

LJ Suzuki, Founder and Fractional CFO at CFOshare: The small businesses within my purview have seen everything from massive growth to complete collapse. The PPP program gave everyone a lifeline for about 2 months, but that was not enough for many companies, particularly restaurants and retail. Healthcare has seen negative effects as well, surprisingly, especially in the disruption of elective procedures. And, sad to say, most of these companies have or are planning layoffs.

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