Hot housing market will create plenty of new businesses

2 Jul 2021


Just how many times have you read stories in recent months that talk about a hot housing market?

Well, to us, that's somewhat old news. How many times are we going to write pieces on how the average price of new homes is going up and the sale price of existing homes is going up even further?

Yes, we know we have a supply and demand imbalance. For markets that are dramatically experiencing massive inbound population flows such as in Raleigh, Austin, Texas, and Nashville, Tennessee, the number of listed homes is on the decrease and the percentage of homes sold above the listing price is going up. Coupled with adamantly low mortgage rates, there’s no reason to believe things will change in the short run.

But what is beginning to change should offer hope to everyone looking for an opportunity to start a new business. Are you a good handyman? Are you an electrician? Did you go through turf management program at a technical college or a university? Are you an interior decorator? I can go on and on. Because a whole new generation of businesses are about to start in markets where the supply-demand curve is at its worst.

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