Parks and Recreation Add to Benton County’s Quality of Life and Economy

Parks and Recreation Add to Benton County’s Quality of Life and Economy Main Photo

27 Jul 2021


Benton Economic Partnership understands the important role parks and recreation play in our community for economic development. They are essential for a high quality of life and part of the overall draw to call Minnesota home, both for current residents and families looking to relocate. Parks and recreation serve as an economic driver. It can contribute by both attracting new residents to add to the workforce and by attracting tourists who often spend money locally on restaurants, gas, lodging, and shopping. 

July is Park and Recreation Month, the perfect time to highlight all of the great parks where you can enjoy the outdoors and to acknowledge how they contribute to the economy and quality of life. 

Top 5 Outdoor Recreation Spots in Benton County

There are so many fun things to do in Benton County that it’s difficult to narrow it down to a short list. Still, here are our top five parks and recreation sites. 

#1 Bend in the River Regional Park

Located just south of the City of Rice, this park along the Mississippi River consists of over 2.5 miles of aggregate trials and 0.75 miles of natural trails, in addition to 110 acres of native prairie. High banks provide scenic views of the river bend, islands and adjacent 220-acre wildlife management area.

#2 Benton Beach

This 30-acre park sits on the North shore of Little Rock Lake near Rice, and is perfect for fishing or picnicking with your family. The Lakeview Center is a conference space that can be used for weddings, reunions, or business retreats. While the area has been called a beach for decades, the shoreline has been restored to be a native buffer. Other features of the park include a disc golf course, boat launch area, campground with showers, picnic shelters for rent, playgrounds, sand volleyball courts, horseshoe pits, a softball field, and basketball courts.

#3 St. Regis Park

This 0.6-acre park is located on the southwesterly side of Little Rock Lake. Features include picnic tables, grills and a portable restroom. During the summer, do not be deterred if the gate is closed. It is done to prevent erosion in the shoreland; however, visitors are still allowed in and the walk from the parking area is easy. During winter months, the gate is left open as the park is a popular access to Little Rock Lake for ice fishing.

#4 Rose Anna Beach

This 0.6-acre park is located on the southerly side of Little Rock Lake. The park has a picnic table and grill, and also provides lake access in the winter .

#5 Mayhew Lake Park

The 4.4-acre park is currently used as access to the lake with its improved boat launch and new fishing pier. Other amenities include a picnic area with tables and grills, portable restrooms, and improved pedestrian trails and seating areas. Additional parking has been added.

Get Outside and Tell a Friend

Benton County has a lot to offer and our Parks Department does an excellent job of enhancing the area’s appeal. Local parks are often the backdrop for our first experiences with a favorite hobby or physical activity. Bring a friend along to explore and try something new. 

Also, there is a special kind of summer fun coming up. The Benton County Fair in Sauk Rapids will take place August 3-8. Check out all of the details here.

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