Recruiting 101: Writing an Effective Job Posting to Attract Talent

27 Nov 2021


In today’s candidate driven market, employers find themselves competing with industry and non-industry companies for the best talent. Unlike talent recruiting of the past, employers are going the extra mile to entice candidates – making a case for why their company is the right company for them. In this market, it is the candidate that holds all the cards.

The first opportunity to impress applicants and stand out from other employers is with the job posting. Employer job postings are the first line of communication between the employer and potential employee. It’s important an employer’s job posting catches and keeps the attention of the candidate. The job posting should answer any questions the candidate might have about the position including but not limited to wage, benefits and opportunities for career advancement. Since verbal communication most likely has not occurred between the employer and applicant, the job posting should make clear to the candidate why it benefits them to work for that company.

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