MSP Airport’s Post-Pandemic Strategy

28 Aug 2022


If you’re an veteran traveler, you know a few things about the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. First, it just works. Anybody that’s ever put up with the ramp congestion at LAX, flow control delays to O’Hare, and the sweaty grime of LaGuardia or Kennedy, appreciates an airport where even heavy snow rarely pushes back flights more than an hour off advertised departure.

You also know that it’s a workhorse, not a show horse. It doesn’t dominate the horizon with its distinctive profile like Denver International, impress with its spacious modernity like SFO or Detroit Metro, or get you from car to plane in minutes like Kansas City. But compared to the old days, when its prominent feature was sky-high hub airfares, what was once Wold Chamberlain Field has come a long way. 

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