Freight Market Forecast: Putting It All Out There

2 Apr 2024


Putting oneself in the spotlight with a freight market forecast must be similar to how a naked John Cena might have felt on the Oscars stage – exposed and subject to ridicule (or, in Cena’s case, awe).

Of course, you’re not as likely to feel naked and afraid if everyone agrees with you. As the first quarter comes to a close, let’s pull back the covers and look at whether 2024 is playing out as expected.

‘The Freight Market Has Not Fully Broken Out of Its Recession’
The Logistics Managers’ Index (LMI) reading in February was a healthy 56.5, marking “the sixth time in the last seven months that the LMI has shown expansion. This growth is driven by continued progress in transportation and the buildup of inventories upstream at the manufacturing and wholesale levels. The overall index is up, but still below the all-time average of 62.4 – which in many ways epitomizes the current slow but positive and steady state of the economy.”

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