Highway 23 Coalition Celebrates Successes and Discusses Challenge at Annual Meeting

Highway 23 Coalition Celebrates Successes and Discusses Challenge at Annual Meeting Main Photo

23 May 2024

Marshall, MN – The Highway 23 Coalition gathers with its members on Friday, April 12th at The Upper Room in Marshall, Minnesota. The Highway 23 Coalition is a bi-partisan, non-profit organization with a vision of a 4-lane connected highway throughout Highway 23 Corridor from Duluth/Superior to Pipestone/Sioux Falls. The Coalition has worked on this mission for several years with its members.

A Successful Gathering

Highway 23 Coalition members gathered to share in the successes and plans for what’s next. Attendees consisted of an impressive cross section of those affected by the Highway 23 Corridor including counties, cities, businesses, non-profit organizations, MnDOT representatives, prospective members and additional attendees.

This gathering of public and private supporters heard from a number of Highway 23 Coalition board members, Senator Gary Dahms and Nancy Daubenberger, MnDOT Commissioner.

“The high level themes to describe our investment direction mentioned are to invest to maintain the existing system, improve mobility, accessibility and safety for all, begin to adapt to a changing future and focus on communities and livability,” MnDOT Nancy Daubenberger states when describing MnDOT’s focus for future projects.

A Reminder to Unite in Efforts

One of the main themes of conversation during the gathering was the need to garner support through rallying new board members and additional members to further the mission of the Highway 23 Coalition. The Coalition has had strong support over the years from both membership and leadership on the board. They are now seeking growth to ensure that the mission continues to be elevated. The message was shared to attendees that if they know someone interested in exploring this opportunity, please reach out to a current board member or visit our website at highway23coalition.com/support-the-project.
Policy Influence on the Corridor

Nancy Daubenberg’s conversation focused around a variety of concerns including how the new Greenhouse Emissions Regulations will affect future corridor projects. Discussion was also had around safety improvements to the Highway 23 Corridor near Milaca and how it will affect the area, the traffic flow and the mission of Highway 23 Coalition: 4-lane highway from Sioux Falls, SD to Duluth, MN/Superior, WI.
What’s Next

This summer will be a busy one with work continuing on the Highway 23 South Gap and numerous safety improvements throughout the corridor.

The Highway 23 Coalition continues to work on moving the 2024 Priority Projects forward. By supporting these projects, the Coalition hopes to change the transportation system of Minnesota and make the entire state a more equitable and safer place to live, travel and open a business.


Jeff Bertram 
Chair, Highway 23 Coalition
(320) 250-6999