Downtown Facade Improvement Program: Transforming Local Businesses in Foley, MN

Downtown Facade Improvement Program: Transforming Local Businesses in Foley, MN Main Photo

20 Jun 2024


Written By: Pamela Vizenor & Amanda Othoudt

In the heart of Benton County, a quiet revolution is underway, subtly but significantly altering the original built landscape of the City of Foley’s downtown corridor.

The Foley City Council recently approved a Facade Improvement Program where local businesses can revitalize the exterior of their businesses in the heart of downtown. This program was spearheaded by the Foley Chamber of Commerce’s Economic Development Committee, Benton Economic Partnership, and the City of Foley.

The Downtown Façade Improvement Program offers one-to-one matching grant up to $5,000 to property owners and business owners to renovate and enhance the facades of their buildings on a pay-for-performance basis.

Funds may be used for the design of exterior building improvements, awnings, windows, doors (including front/back door accessibility) and/or site landscaping resulting in a publicly visible improvement and for actual construction costs related to an approved improvement. Other uses may also be eligible if prior approval is granted by the City of Foley Economic Development Authority. Signs are also eligible for funding.

The Downtown Façade Improvement Program is not just about cosmetic enhancements; it represents a deeper commitment to economic development, community pride, and the preservation of our local heritage.

The impact of the Downtown Façade Improvement Program is exciting! From fresh coats of paint and restored architectural details to modern signage and inviting storefronts, The City of Foley is undergoing remarkable transformations. These fine aged buildings that are taking advantage of the program are now vibrant and welcoming, which attract new visitors, shoppers, and investors!

The goal of Foley’s Downtown Façade Improvement Program is to transform our existing storefronts which serve as powerful marketing tools, drawing foot traffic and new customers to downtown Foley. I think we all can agree customers and even ourselves are naturally drawn to the visually appealing storefronts, and are curious to explore what lies beyond the newly renovated exteriors.

If you are interested in applying for this program, contact Sarah Brunn at the City of Foley; or Amanda Othoudt at Benton Economic Partnership, Inc.