More MN workplaces offering 'Summer Fridays'

5 Sep 2018

According to a recent survey more than 40 percent of employees will get out of work early or may not even have to work at all on Fridays during the summer.

MINNEAPOLIS - Companies are working hard to find innovative ways to keep employees happy and it’s not always money.

In fact, a recent study found more than 40% of companies offer some sort of flex Friday or Summer Friday hours.

Jealous? Yeah, we are too.

We stopped by a few Minnesota companies to see how it works and if it’s really as glorious as it sounds.

At executive staffing firm Versique, Summer Fridays are a new thing, like real new.

“I won’t lie. I was a little nervous,” says Versique CEO, Tony Sorensen.

Sorensen decided this year that from Memorial Day to Labor Day, folks at his firm could get out of work at noon on Friday. A full five hours earlier than usual.

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