No More Potholes: Innovation Leads to Better Highways in Benton County

15 Oct 2018

Drivers, great news! You don’t have to worry about construction on a portion of Highway 25 for at least the next two decades. Crews recently repaved a seven-mile stretch of road between south Foley and Highway 25 in Benton. What made this project unique was the process used to smooth the road: reclamation. Crews dig down deep, about 10 inches to a foot, and recycle the old pavement. They then cover the reclaimed surface with blacktop. This process means the road will stay smooth for an estimated 20-25 years. To put that into perspective: most paving projects need to be redone after only 5 years.

Crews also widened the shoulders from 3 to 8 feet, which will increase safety for the 5,000 cars that travel this stretch every day. For more on the Highway 25 project, click here.