A Home by the River: Why Sartell is Perfect for Your Family

5 Nov 2018

Get in on the action and join the growing community of Sartell, Minnesota! There has been an abundance of activity here over the last two decades, as families recognize the beauty and potential of our river town and put down roots. The Mississippi and Watab Rivers flow right through the city, providing countless opportunities for outdoor activities. We have 40 parks and 48 miles of trails, so you’ll never run out of places to explore.

Average incomes and home values are also higher here than other parts of our region. There are also more than 400 businesses, providing access to fantastic work opportunities. And you’ll quickly feel part of the community by participating in annual events like Sartell Summerfest and the Home for the Holidays Variety Show. Click here to learn more about making Sartell your permanent home.