One company’s approach to workforce development: Charting unknown territory and emphasizing the fundamentals

6 Dec 2019

The skills that employers require among their employees are changing as technology reshapes the nature of work. In this context, employers must invest in strategies to identify what these new skills are, a difficult task given the fast pace of change and the uncertainty about precisely which skills will be valuable in the near- to long-term.

Suzanne van de Raadt is a vice president in global communications at Arconic, an advanced materials manufacturing company headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, that employs about 43,000 people. This post discusses van de Raadt’s perspective on the central challenge with respect to workforce development: uncertainty about what skills the company’s employees will need in the future. Van de Raadt describes Arconic’s efforts to identify skills and knowledge gaps as a key part of the company’s strategy to adapt to this fast-paced change.

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